Just like lilies, tulips can be irrigated using drip irrigation.

Beds of 1,50m and 1,80m are common in the cultivation of tullips. In the beds, depending on the type of soil we are working with, 2 or 3 driplines are placed in between the rows of tulips to provide them with water and optional nutrients. In this way we can ensure that a uniform growth of the tulips on the allotment. Broere Irrigatie B.V. has developed a special machine to place up to 4 driplines in one bed at the same time to save installation costs. Whilst irrigating is the main purpose of the driplines, they can also be used to prevent night frost damage by keeping the ground moist. The moist ground radiates heat to keep the air in the tulip field just above the freezing point to prevent damage.

Solar dripirrigation can be applied to the tulip cultivation