Fertigation Units


Fertigation Units are very useful when there is no place to store your pumping unit dry or when the cultivation shifts. The fergitation units are special hortigreen mixers with possibilites to add nutrients making it a fertigation unit. The containers or trailers can be moved easily after every cultivation shift and they can also operate completely stand-alone. There are three ways to supply your fergitation unit with power; with solar panels, with a diesel generator or with a mains connection. Every way has its pros and cons which will be described below.

Hortigreen Solar


  • DuurzaamheidCompletely operational using nothing but solar energy
  • Pompunit built onto trailer for easy transport
  • Weather resistant
  • Fully equipped with all comforts of a normal Hortigreen Mixer
  • More information >>>

Hortigreen Well Container

  • Bron containerWeather resistant
  • Large storage space for driplines and sublaterals through efficient placement of components alongside the container wall.
  • Can be moved easily using a forklift or similar device
  • Can be powered through a generator, Solar energy (although we suggest the Hortigreen Solar for that) or a mains connection

Hortigreen Container

  • DSC00749Weather resistant
  • Can be moved easily with a forklift or similar device
  • Fully equipped with all comforts of a standard Hortigreen Mixer
  • Can be powered through a generator or a mains connection