Freshwater Lens

Thanks to a freshwater lens, it can be ensured that plants that cannot stand salty soil can be grown in a naturally saline substrate. By collecting and reusing rainwater, a freshwater lens can be created all year round.

As you know, there is more than enough rain in the Netherlands every year to provide a whole crop with water, but due to climate change, long dry periods often have to be bridged. By collecting rainwater by means of drainage in the wet periods of the year, selecting on EC value and storing it in a basin, silo or underground, these dry periods can be bridged more easily. The stored fresh water is sent back into the drainage network during the dry period by the drainage to prevent the saline water from creeping up to the roots of the plant. In combination with infiltration, drip irrigation can also be used to add extra nutrients. By means of level measurements it is determined how much water must be collected in the wet period and how much water must be returned to the drainage network during the dry periods. If there is a surplus of water in the wet period while the water storage is full, or that water with a too high EC value has been collected, this water is discharged. The system can be fully controlled through PC, smartphone, tablet or through the Netafim computer itself. Verzilting tegen gaan

This system originated from a joint venture between Acacia Water and Broere Hortitech called Dynamic Water Systems, for more information please visit the website: